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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Example Code of Using XML Parser in Symbian OS

A couple of weeks ago, I had a plan to write an article and example code of using XML parser in Symbian OS. It seems that another Forum Nokia Champion, Paul Todd had the same idea. He posted a nice article about XML parser in Symbian OS 9.x to Forum Nokia Blogs. It’s good that I don’t need to write the same article.

What I would like to share here is a complete example code of XML Parser in Symbian OS. The example code can be run on Symbian OS 8 and 9 phones, which means it can be compiled under S60 2nd Edition FP2/FP3 SDK or S60 3rd Edition SDK. I am planning to release the same example code for UIQ3 soon.

Click here to download my example code of XML parser

The example basically parses an XML file, \data\example.xml, to the main window. The content will be displayed on CEikEdwin control (see picture below).

Note that the code is written as an example; thus it is designed to be as simple as possible. Do not use it in the production code!

One more thing, this is not the official example code from Forum Nokia. It is just my personal example code.

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